DeadTeam Leader

Zaps been watching crypto since 2015 and started investing in 2017. Coming from the crypto side and seeing successes of Eth NFTs, Zap hopped over to Solana and started dabbling.

Through his time here, he was able to work with GhostkidDao shortly after they minted. Learning from Task and team, Zap quickly got a handle of things via Discord and understood what communities were looking for.

Months later, he found SoDead, a project everyone was after. The art was insane. The community was wild. The project just had the "it" factor. After speaking with the original founders and team, Zap became the Community Manager and represented it very well. He spent endless hours continuously bringing transparency to the community.

As the 2nd in command, he took on many tasks that nobody wanted. Manually airdropping hundreds of NFTs, going through documents to deliver pre-sales, and even navigating errors that were caused from previous launchpads. He has been in the background working while others are silent. And also keeping the community informed in dire situations.

His network of project founders, knowledge of Discord, and his honest and transparent self has helped create the atmosphere that SoDead has now. Zap bleeds SoDead through and through. And there’s nothing that can change that. He’s become a very valued community member, and one of the last original team members alongside Zini. Through all of the noise, and the rocky road that SoDead has gone through, Zap has ridden the wave and is now Deadteam Leader.

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