Dont fade the dead

SoDead is a Solana NFT project building the next big modern vampire franchise


Sodead NFT
Vampires on solana

SoDead will bridge the gap between web2 and web3 through vampire-themed gamification, captivating content, modern lore, powerful community, and incredible art

SoDead is building a community-driven mainstream vampire franchise. We aim to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 through vampire-themed gamification, captivating content, modern lore, powerful community, and incredible art

A unique strength of SoDead is our vampire theme. Vampires have been an integral part of human folklore for centuries and have already stood the test of time. Vampire sub-culture already exists outside of web3, which positions us well to bridge that gap and take our IP mainstream.

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SoDead the story

The original founders rugged...then the "derugger" rugged...but you can't kill what is already dead. SoDead 3.0 is now community-driven and unstoppable

SoDead originally minted in July 2022 as a 4,200 supply collection on the Solana blockchain. It was a very low cost mint at 0.069 SOL, which sold out instantly due to Haizeel's incredible art.

One month after the mint, the original founders did a mint for Chalices, raising 600 SOL. Immediately after this mint, they rugged the project and ran away with the funds. Somebody in the community took over the project to "derug" it, but unfortunately was no better than the original founders.

6 months after stringing the community along and making false promises, the "derugger" also rugged the project, after generating over $350K in royalties, leaving the community with nothing.

But you can't kill what's already dead! The entire community stepped up to keep the project going and we are now on a better path than ever before to turn SoDead into the top NFT project on Solana.

what is Customization?

Customization is a feature only for our Purified and Tribe vampires.

You are able to buy traits, using $VAMP, from our trait store to use on our Customization website to create YOUR perfect SoDead!

No two SoDead are able to look the same.When you use a trait, the old trait is then able to be used on another vampire. These recovered traits will be able to be traded on our peer-to-peer marketplace being built.

customize your vampire

core team


Project Manager
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Community Dev
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Community Dev
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Designer & Fronted Dev
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Game Dev
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Phase 1


  • ✅ Seize ownership of Discord and NFT collection
  • ✅ Launch $VAMP token / LP
  • ✅ Mythic trait auctions

SoDead is now a community-driven project with a multi-sig wallet

Phase 2


  • ✅ Trait store & customization
  • ✅ Purification
  • ✅ Lady vampires
  • ✅ Staking site with GKD

Despite being left with zero funds from the original founders, SoDead raised over $20K in February through royalties, trait auctions, and donations to build our initial hunting game and tech platform

Phase 3


  • ✅ SoDead Mobile App "DeadApp"
  • ✅ SoDead store
  • ✅ Coven Season Pass
  • MMO game

Frequently asked questions

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The most valuable part of SoDead is our incredible community...come hop in the Discord and hang out with all our vampires!

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