Haizeel Hashnan is an NFT artist hailing from Malaysia, known for his digital art pieces that are sold and traded on various blockchain marketplaces. Haizeel's works are characterized by their vibrant colors and futuristic, sometimes dark, themes that are often inspired by science fiction and cultural references.

Haizeel Hashnan has been involved in the animation industry since 2013, working on popular intellectual properties such as Mechamato and BoBoiBoy, which have been streamed on major platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

In 2020, Haizeel Hashnan's interest in NFTs led him to create several digital art pieces that were sold as NFTs on Pentas.io, before venturing as an independent artist on the Solana blockchain.

As an NFT artist, Haizeel Hashnan is passionate about exploring the potential of blockchain technology as a platform for creative expression and innovation. He continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with his artwork striving to bring new and exciting pieces to the world of NFTs.

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