Enter The World
Of Sodead

Do vampires burn in the sunlight?
Are they crippled by garlic and crosses?
Hop into the world of SoDead and find out for yourself...

Sodead Chapter one
the Great awakening

At first the number of vampire related sightings and incidents were small and isolated but have since increased tremendously over the last decade, awakening Vampires (even Elders) across the world

Since the start of the new century, human caused industrial catastrophes such as: Baia Mare Cyanide contamination, Deepwater Horizon explosion, Jilin Chemical spill and Fukushima Nuclear disaster have all had detrimental impact on the global environment.

This is compounded by human dependence on technologies that has left endless amounts of toxic materials that have entered the air, soil, and water-supplies around the world. This hazardous cocktail is viewed as the catalyst in disrupting the deep slumber of the SoDead.

At first the number of vampire related sightings and incidents were small and isolated but have since increased tremendously over the last decade, awakening Vampires (even Elders) across the world. Rekindling relationships, reigniting old rivalries, and driving endless plotting and scheming as Vampires with opposing ideologies strategize in their pursuit of power in the shadows.

Three Vampire Tribes have now emerged in today’s society. Each with its set of beliefs, values, governance, and more importantly validation as to why they are the rightful heirs of the unending night.

Dare to know more? The saga is only beginning. Enter the world of SoDead...

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Frequently asked questions

SoDead tribes

Gangrel Tribe

Tribe Identity

The Gangrel tribe views co-existence with humans as essential. Maintain a view that vampires and humans have a place together in society. They freely mingle out and open to the world. The elders of this tribe have accumulated vast resources (endless $) over the centuries and live an extravagant lifestyle. Some are even viewed as modern-day celebrities/influencers.

Tribe Founder

The Dark Queen (AKA - Mother of Vampires) is a mystery of sorts...her real identity is unknown with numerous aliases. Legend states she is the 1st child of Cain. She is rumored to travel frequently, but maintains operations in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


  • Deep political structure/hierarchy
  • Current Tribe Lead is Pablo Sanchez {66.6}
  • Crimson Death is a faction of Elders fiercely loyal to the Queen
  • Tribe elders govern clans around the world
  • Trespassing on Tribe territories without formal permission is punishable by death
  • Global strongholds: Majority of Europe, Western United States, and South Africa

Lycan Tribe

Tribe Identity

This tribe has great disdain for all living creatures. Disgusted at the mere thought of fellow brethren having any level of admiration for humans. These vampires view humans as nothing more than pawns (feedbags) in their thirst to claim power.

Tribe Founder

The Elder (AKA - Whitey) is one of the most ruthless vampires on Earth. Armond "Whitey" Sye is a 2nd generation vampire who truly exists in the shadows. Questions of his whereabouts and even his existence run rampant, with scattered sightings throughout the Middle East...though, last reported sighting of Whitey was over 20 years ago in 1999.


  • Tribe structure is a monarchy maintaining fierce allegiance to Whitey with great respect to the entire Sye family
  • Current Tribe Leader is BMS Jedi
  • Sye Elders lead packs around the world known as the Dark Collective
  • Largest packs of the Dark Collective are the Black Deliverance (NYC), Night Stalkers (Chicago), and Blood Syndicate (Amsterdam)
  • Global strongholds include large North American territories, Asia, and pockets of South America

Bat Tribe

Tribe Identity

These vampires are loners, fiercely independent with no formal hierarchy. They maintain a singularly focused view that they are the most powerful creature on the planet. While they understand the general philosophies of the other tribes, they choose not to get involved. Occasionally if there is a common interest, they have been known to partner with both other tribes to work towards a shared goal (e.g., assassins/mercenaries for hire)

Tribe Founder

None...the Bat Tribe is a loose collection of strong personalities scattered all across the globe


  • No formal governing structure
  • Current Tribe Lead is Artemis Yogurt
  • The Onyx Hand is a tribe faction of feared vampire assassins
  • Bat Tribe has the largest number of members
  • Global strongholds include large congregations identified in Eastern Russia, Northern Africa, and Australia