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Provides interactive/live updates from the SoDead business + NFT Collection + Sales Bot News


By using the Caller tool, a user can filter and apply their own custom parameters and be Notified of any fp changes for any Solana NFT Collection. You will be able to set your Caller settings and use the features available which include; Live Notifications of Floor Price movement (+/-), set parameters for Activity/Trading Volume for every Solana NFT Collection


Apply user parameters to be Notified when a someone listed an NFT that is X% lower than the FP listed (on any Solana NFT project), giving the user the ability to be aware of any dump.


A user can set Notifications to be notified of any new NFT Mints/Mint Dates going live. This feature will also provide the User with Notifications when new NFT Collections become live on all secondary markets


Gives the user the ability to check the rarity of any SoDead NFT simply by searching the NFTs' collection ID

Deadapp tiers

These are our tiers needed to access each feature of the app

Roles: guest user

Tools: Access to News Page, Rarity, Caller (1 notification only on SoDead collection)

Tier 0

Roles: Purified Vampire or 20K $VAMP Supporter
Tools: 5 notifications on any collections + caller feature
- access to hunter

Tier 1

Roles: Lycan Tribe, Bat Tribe, Gangrel Tribe or 50K $VAMP holder
Tools: Infinite notif on any collection for caller feature acces to hunter
access to discover

Tier 2

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