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Hunting Season 1: The Search for Cain's Tomb

SoDead Lore
Chapter 1


Archaeologists have recently discovered extremely rare rock crystals that were used for ancient burial rituals in the British Isles. These perfectly transparent, yet rainbow crystals are made up of unknown chemical structure and have caused a great stir in the scientific community. While not confirmed, it is believed that these crystals were used to form spiritual bonds between the living and the dead.

As scientists continue to expand this study, one of the previously unknown materials has now been identified as the blood shard. Details remain scarce, but scientists believe there is potential for blood shards to become an infinite energy source that could revolutionize human society.

The Search for Cain's Tomb

While there is great debate on the origins of the Vampire, few discredit that Cain is to have played a significant role as patriarch of the bloodline.

The discovery of the blood shards has not only captivated the minds of the human race but has sent shockwaves throughout the vampire community. The rumored blood shards are said to hold great power, and in fact, some Elder vampires consider it the key to accessing the Tomb of Cain. Legend states that the blood shard is more than a mere natural mineral but the actual DNA of Cain himself.

But what's in Cain's Tomb? The Elders all believe the secrets of the blood shard are hidden inside Cain's Tomb, but who knows what else they might find. The agenda for the Tribe leaders is clear...collect the most blood shards, find Cain's Tomb, and discover the secrets of unlocking its true potential.

However, it's not just the Tribes who are after the blood shard...vampires from all across the world are out hunting for what could bring them great wealth and power.

Let the games begin...

OG Vampires

The young generation of SoDead Vampires have heard the talk in the shadows. They too desire power and the opportunity to prove their worth. The time has come to send your OG Vampire on a Hunt to retrieve clues to unravel the Tomb’s mystery.

Purified Vampires

While intrigued by reports of this expedition, a large contingent of Purified Vampires continue their ongoing experiments in pursuit of enhanced purification power. The Tomb might have the missing ingredients needed. Send your Purified Vampire on a hunt to see if you can find additional clues to gain access.

Tribe Vampires

The Dark Queen, Whitey, and even Elders from the Bat Tribe have directed their tribal Vampires to scour the globe and secure territories for continued exploration. Each tribe continues to gather its own intelligence in an attempt to be the first to access the Tomb. The time has come for your Tribe Vampire to join the hunt and stake claim to new lands. 

Mythic Vampires

With all the current activity across the SoDead community, one faction has remained undeterred in its own efforts to access the Tomb. The Mythic Vampires do not need to rely on human intervention to gain power but rather continue their own study of ancient artifacts they’ve accumulated to unravel the mystery of Cain. They are getting close. Send your Mythic Vampire on a hunt to find the missing artifacts needed.

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