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SoDead Chapter 1: The Great Awakening

SoDead Lore
Chapter 1

Since the start of the new century, human caused industrial catastrophes such as: Baia Mare Cyanide contamination, Deepwater Horizon explosion, Jilin Chemical spill and Fukushima Nuclear disaster have all had detrimental impact on the global environment. This is compounded by human dependence on technologies that has left endless amounts of toxic materials that have entered the air, soil, and water-supplies around the world. This hazardous cocktail is viewed as the catalyst in disrupting the deep slumber of the SoDead.

At first the number of vampire related sightings and incidents were small and isolated but have since increased tremendously over the last decade, awakening Vampires (even Elders) across the world. Rekindling relationships, reigniting old rivalries, and driving endless plotting and scheming as Vampires with opposing ideologies strategize in their pursuit of power in the shadows.

Three Vampire Tribes have now emerged in today’s society. Each with its set of beliefs, values, governance, and more importantly validation as to why they are the rightful heirs of the unending night.

Dare to know more? The saga is only beginning. Enter the world of SoDead...

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